Bikini Paradise is another another PGSLOT game with a simple and relaxed feel. Players will experience the beachside ambiance of the Hawaiian Islands while earning a comfortable profit.

With a simple bonus issuance rate, but a limit of 5,000 times, we propose Frequent Free Spins for 5 entertaining spin games!

Game review Bikini Paradise, a beachside slot machine girl.

Bikini Paradise, or this girl on the beach slot, is a game with a Hawaiian surfers’ theme. Which is a tiny island group in the North Pacific Ocean? The feature of this slot machine game is the white sand beach that reaches as far as the eye can see and the ambience of five lovely females surfing in the twilight. Highly recommended reading: What is Reel?

All five women are of different countries and are put as the Wild symbol on each reel, allowing you to play with them in full power. Have fun getting bonuses with a greater than 70% prize draw rate. No matter how many times you push the spin button, you will nearly always win a prize. There is also a special function in which you may simultaneously see five beautiful women in bikinis and gain a 5,000x bonus in one eye.

How to Play the 5000x Easy Crack Bonus Game on Bikini Slots

To play this lovely girl in a bikini slot machine, hit the spin button so that three identical reward symbols randomly appear on the reels from left to right. The usual game structure is a five-reel,

four-row slot with 25 paylines and 12 symbols with the following variations:

The Wild symbol depicts 5 unique beauty. This symbol has an unique payoff rate of 5,000x and may replace for all other winning symbols with the exception of the Scatter.

The Scatter icon features a gorgeous woman surfing at night. This symbol’s primary function is to activate the game’s unique bonus round.

surfboard symbol The maximum payout rate is thirty.

a cocktail glass icon There is a payout rate cap of 25.

sunglasses symbol There is a payout rate cap of 25.

starfish symbol Has the greatest payout rate among the top 20 Recommended videogames: Full-screen icon of a colorful butterfly matching game towel The maximum payout rate is twenty.

The maximum payment for the letter symbols A, K, Q, and J with the number 10 is 15.

Feature of the High-Jackpot Game Bikini Paradise

The Jackpot feature of Bikini Paradise is activated when three or more Scatter symbols appear, with eight to twenty free games awarded according on the amount of Scatter symbols obtained during the Free Spins Bonus Feature. The unique multiplier rate for free spins ranges from 2x to 8x.

A wild symbol also covers the reels to the maximum extent feasible. Each reel showcases a bikini-clad woman of a certain nationality. Enjoy stunning visuals that help you earn additional prizes and a win multiplier that continually increases. If all five stunning wild symbols appear on each reel, you will receive a bonus jack. The game’s largest pot surpasses 5,000 times in one eye.

Consequently: Try playing for free Bikini Paradise, an easy-to-play money-making game.

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